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Alpha Industries is known throughout Europe, Asia and North America as a premium manufacturer of indoor tanning equipment and spas for professional studios and personal home use.  Since 1983, The Alpha Sun name has been synonymous with quality and value.

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What seperates Alpha Sun tanning beds from other systems?  Quality and performance.  Our tanning beds use the ERS Sol Series lamps exclusively.  These lamps feature lower UVB and significantly higher UVA for a tanning experience with less burns and more tans.  They were designed in our labs in Belgium, and are built by LightTech of Hungary.  They represent the finest in European bronzing technology.

Alpha Sun tanning beds and tanning booths have been available in the United States and Canada for over a decade and can be found in the finest salons, day spas, fitness centers and the most discriminating homes.  If you are interested in purchasing an Alpha Sun product, you can do so by calling 1-800-274-1744 or visiting the website of our exclusive importer at  If you live outside of the USA, you should contact one of the links to your left.

Please take the time to browse and learn more about what makes Alpha Sun the best value in professional tanning, or visit one of our resellers to get pricing and availability information.


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