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Alpha Industries developed the ERS series of lamps in conjunction with LightTech (LTI) of Hungary for the European market, and they have enjoyed great success in North America due to their lower UVB and significantly higher UVA content.  For the discriminating tanning bed owner who is interested in the most natural looking tan with a minimum of burning, ERS lamps are a natural fit.

ERS Sol Plus
Shown: Sol Plus 100W RUVA

ERS Sol Soft
Our standard 2.6% UVB lamp for tanning bed with a 20 to 30 minute exposure schedule.   It has more bronzing power than most other lamps, and comes as standard equipment on most Sunny model tanning beds.

ERS Sol Face
solface1a.gif (4160 bytes)
Using licensed technology from LSI of America, the ERS Sol Face is actually two lamps in one.  Most of the lamp is a standard bronzing lamp (blue section) but the last 14 inches use a higher UVB phosphor to give you a UVB boost in the face area for faster tanning.

ERS Sol Body
solbody1a.gif (4175 bytes)
Similar to the Sol Face, except the length of the pink phosphor is 50% of the lamp.   Used for "side tanning" versions of our beds, as well as in "Leg Tanning" versions, where the area over the legs features a 20% boost in UVB output for faster leg tanning.

ERS Shadow
Developed by UVA SunSystems, Inc. and LightTech for the American market.  It features a 6.5% UVB rating (US measuring methods) and delivers a more intense tanning session for 15 to 18 minute tanning beds.

ERS Sol Plus
Similar to the Sol Soft, but it features RUVA technology for 15% to 30% more UV output, depending on the bed it is installed in.  Regular lamps must use a shiney reflector to capture the light that goes out the back of the lamp.  With the reflector built inside the lamp, you force all the light out the front for a more intense tanning session.

ERS Sol 160 (100 Watts)
Similar to the Sol Plus, but uses the same phosphors as in our 160W lamps for higher bronzing action. 

ERS Sol Prof
Our premium 160W VHOR, reflector lamp.  Used in all our 160W premium beds.

ERS Sol 200
Our 180W-200W 2 metre lamp with VHOR technology.

You can purchase ERS and compatible lamps direct at or by calling 1-800-274-1744

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